Who can join?

Partnership in Plymouth Court is open to alumni of Chicago Booth MBA Programs and Chicago Booth faculty.  Prospective partners are invited to attend one of our meetings to meet current partners, enjoy drinks and dinner with us, and to participate in our discussions. Interested prospective partners are voted into membership at a subsequent meeting.  New partners make an initial investment of $1,000 plus the additional minimum investment of $100 per meeting (or $600/year) to remain active in the partnership.


Our structure

The business of Plymouth Court Associates is conducted in accordance with its Articles of Partnership. Officers are elected annually and include a senior partner and a senior partner-elect, as well as a treasurer, assistant treasurer, and secretary. The senior partner appoints rotating Portfolio and New Investment Committees for each of the bi-monthly meetings.  The Portfolio Committee reviews the current portfolio and makes recommendations to sell or add to current holdings.  The New Investment Committee researches and identifies new investment opportunities to be considered by the partnership. Trades are executed by an outside securities firm whose representative attends all meetings and serves as an advisor to the committees.


Investment guidelines

The partnership’s investments are limited to equity securities and the bonded debt of publicly traded companies, and domestic government debt instruments.  In practice, the club invests primarily in mid- and large-cap stocks with long-term growth potential.  We do not purchase on margin or sell short.



Meetings are usually held in the Midway Club at the University’s Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago, IL 60611.  Meetings are generally scheduled for the third Wednesday of every odd calendar month.  These bi-monthly meetings include a pre-meeting social hour beginning at 5pm. The working dinner/meeting begins at about 6pm. Meetings generally conclude by 8-8:30pm.

2018 Officers:

  • Sr. Partner – Weiland
  • Sr. Partner Elect – Klute
  • Treasurer – Farkas
  • Asst. Treasurer – Roderich
  • Secretary – Lesht

All Partners:

         [See Roster for complete list]